Earlier Articles

Discussions on PDPSI started some time back at www.naavi.org and are now being organized for exclusive focus on this website.

The earlier articles written on this topic are given below. Further discussions will continue.

  1. A Step beyond BS10012 and GDPR-Personal Data Protection Standard of India-PDPSI
  2. Data Protection Standard of India- (DPSI)
  3. Data Classification is the first and most important element of PDPSI
  4. Why 16 types of Data are indicated in PDPSI?
  5. Implementation Responsibility under Personal Data Protection Standard of India
  6. India to be the hub of International Personal Data Processing…. objective of PDPSI
  7. Principles of PDPSI
  8. Pentagon Model of TISM…An implementation approach to PDPSI implementation
  9. Personal Data Gate Keepers and Internal Data Controllers in Organizations
  10. Legitimate Interest Policy
  11. Implement “My Bhi Chowkidar” policy for Personal Data Protection.
  12. Criticality of the Grievance Redressal Mechanism in PDPSI
  13. Data Breach Notification-What PDPSI expects
  14. PDPSI-Business Agreement Control
  15. Naavi’s Data Trust Score model unleashed in the new year
  16. Naavi’s 5X5 Data Trust Score System…. Some clarifications
  17. Naavi’s Data Trust Score Audit System…allocation of weightages


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